Jan 2, 2011

album art - Impression art 1

 ALBUM ART:IMPRESSION ART 1:                     
Impression art is exitst long before in Europe which it includes small, thin, yet visible brush strokes.
 As a art student to follow it I tried my style of impression art.

 I got this idea when Im sketching on an paper I used pencil pressure to draw it so where and all I used more pencil pressure I got the impression on the another sheet which is kept below it !!

Cartridge sheet a3 size , one sketch which u did already , black charcoal pencil.
FIRST: Draw a sketch which u like to get the impression of it .
SECOND : place the drawn sketch on the main sheet and draw harder on the sheet which u did the sketch
THRID: Don’t shake the sheet while pressuring it
FOURTH: now remove the above sheet and take the sheet which u got the impression
FIFTH: Now take the black charcoal pencil and treat well and harder over the sheet which u got the impression .
SIXTH: That’s all u got the impression art
This art work is on my own creativity which I made all of staff and ma jurrer to impress  on ma art
I sketch one lion in one paper and i place in other paper and drawn over it so got the impression on the other paper after wards i cover the empty area with the charcoal pastels 


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